Since 1904, we have been one of the leading companies in the importing and distribution of chemical products nationwide, becoming an important link between the Italian market and the International chemical industry.

How we operate
We import products from all over the world by sea and deliver them to customers by road and rail. We deal in liquid products which we mostly store in our coastal terminal in Multedo (Genoa) and deliver them to customers via tanker lorries and tanker wagons. Our logistic and haulage partners operate in full compliance with the highest safety standards.
The value of our service
We offer international markets our reputation and experience, which we have gained in over one hundred years in business. We are the ideal partners for chemical manufacturers who wish to sell their products in Italy, ensuring the highest market penetration for their products and enabling them to avoid the costs and risks associated with the creation of their own sales network. We can also guarantee a personalised, punctual and efficient delivery service, thanks to the operational flexibility afforded by our coastal terminal.
Quality standards
The entire process for the purchasing, sale and handling of the goods is certified to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. We strive every day to make sure our customers are fully satisfied, through top quality standards in our services, a rigorous control of our products and full compliance with operating procedures.
We trade in liquid chemical products, mainly solvents, used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, agro-technical industry, mining industry, cleaning products industry and in the manufacturing of resins, paints, glues and plasticisers.

AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS Mixed xylene Toluene Solvent naphtha petroleum 100 Solvent naphtha petroleum 150 Solvent naphtha petroleum 150/200 reduced (low?) naphthalene ALIPHATIC SOLVENTS Hexane Heptane White spirit dearomatised white spirit

ACETATES Ethyl acetate Butyl acetate

ALCOHOLS Methanol Ethanol Isopropyl alcohol Normal butanol Isobutanol

ETHYLENE GLYCOLS MEG (Monoethylene glycol) DEG (Diethylene glycol)

General terms and conditions of sale
Acceptance of terms

Terms and conditions of sale are tacitly accepted by the buyer, unless an official complaint is submitted within 8 days from receipt of the sale confirmation. Any extra costs incurred due to delays in unloading procedures at the customer’s premises will be charged back.


Any and all issues and complaints related to the goods delivered must be raised at the time of delivery. Attilio Carmagnani “AC” Spa will not accept any responsibility once the goods have been unloaded at the recipient’s premises.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Any and all disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Italy in the court of Genoa.

Commercial terms

Attilio Carmagnani “AC” Spa uses the international commercial terms Incoterms 2010 and the terms adopted by the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Code of Ethics

Our clients are required to read and agree with our Code of Ethics, which is part of our Organisational; Management and Control Model, as prepared in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.