We operate in the trade and storage of chemicals.

We constantly strive for growth by seeking new sources of supply and new customers.

We aim to create value based on the satisfaction of our customers and shareholders, the sense of belonging of our employees and a closeness to the needs of our community and territory, with a constant focus on health & safety and environmental protection.


Business continuity and long-term vision are the key elements underpinning our approach to the market.

We consider our reputation to be one of our main assets, something in which we continue to invest. We pursue our corporate goals with honesty, fairness and responsibility, in full observance of rules and regulations, professional ethics and the spirit of the agreements we enter into.

We set ourselves the goal of continuous improvement, looking ahead, anticipating challenges, cultivating creativity for innovation and valuing merit.

We make transparency the basis of our actions, our agreements and our communication, enabling our counterparties to make independent and informed choices.