carmagnani foto storicaIn 1904, Attilio Carmagnani set up a sole trader business bearing his own name for the importing and distribution of spirits, solvents and kerosene, his store only a small space in that area of Genoa now known as the ‘Porto Antico’ (Old Port).

As trade grew, the need for more space also grew and, in 1924, the business moved to the Genoa district of Cornigliano.

In the period after the second world war, a turning point was reached: business passed in the hands of the second generation who proceeded to set up ‘Attrezzature Carburanti’ and build the coastal terminal in Multedo di Pegli, a fully-fledged industrial site designed to receive loose products from tanker ships and dispatch them to customers by road or rail.

From then onwards, business activities were no longer just of a commercial nature and new logistics operations were added to complete the offer, involving the renting out of tanks to third-party companies.

carmagnani foto storicaDuring the ‘70s, a decision was made to streamline the organisational structure and merge the two companies (commercial and logistics) to create the current public limited company ‘Attilio Carmagnani “AC” S.p.A’.

During the ‘80s, the third generation proceeded to expand commercial activities and the range of services offered to companies in the chemical sector, setting up a chemical and product analysis laboratory at the Multedo site. In 1994, the laboratory was split into a separate company, named ‘Analisi & Controlli’, which became a leading provider of chemical analysis and testing on fuels, lubricants, and other products.

Today, the company is an important operation in the national and international chemical sector, with a turnover of approximately thirty million euros, across its commercial, logistics and analysis & testing activities.
carmagnani foto storica